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Pre-order Issue VII by March 23rd 2023 and be in with the chance to WIN a 6-month book subscription service from Marrowbone Books!

Marrowbone Books’ book subscriptions offers a bit of that second-hand bookshop serendipity conveniently delivered to your door. Each month, subscribers are treated to a good second-hand paperback, hand-selected from their shelves. Selections arrive in the post with a pre-addressed postcard so the subscriber can let them know what they think of it (and so we can adjust future selections). It’s a little monthly literary surprise.

Marrowbone Books is a small second-hand bookshop in Dublin 8. They have a good selection of good books. Mostly fiction. Mostly paperbacks. Mostly pretty cheap. You should really check them out.

Issue VII launches on 23rd March 2023 and features short stories, creative nonfiction, and flash fiction by brand new writers. Also includes an original piece by, and an interview with, bestselling author Sue Rainsford. These stories centre around the theme of identity and the idea of sonder – the realisation that passersby have a mind as vivid and complex as your own.

Note: Giveaway is valid for customers on the island of Ireland only.

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New Irish literary magazine reflecting people, our differences and similarities.

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