7 Days of Christmas: Flash Fiction Workshop ’21

Booked out! Join Sonder Magazine for 7 days of writing tips, tricks and exercises! Thinking of submitting to Issue VI in March? Want to brush up on your flash fiction skills? Want to develop your craft or get the writing juices flowing? This is the workshop for you! Starting on December 1st, each day forContinue reading “7 Days of Christmas: Flash Fiction Workshop ’21”

Read the Morning Coffee 2021 Winners!

We announced the winners of the Morning Coffee Writing Competition 2021 on Wednesday 13th October. You can watch the announcement video below! Guest judge Kevin Power said kind words about the winning pieces and we gave our endless thanks to everyone who donated, submitted, and above all, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. The Morning CoffeeContinue reading “Read the Morning Coffee 2021 Winners!”

1st Place: ‘A Bit Odd’ by Claire Gleeson

You can’t think about it too much, or it’ll drive you mad. That’s what Eleanor feels about space, or the age of the earth, or the fact that there are parts of the ocean floor that lie more than ten thousand metres below the surface. There are some concepts the human brain just isn’t supposedContinue reading “1st Place: ‘A Bit Odd’ by Claire Gleeson”

2nd Place: ‘Rain Arch’ by Jessica Grene

He is grasping for the word for the thing in the picture. The colours in the sky when the rain and sun meet. He knows it, but fog swirls in his mind. It’s rain something… it is arch? He can’t tell if that sounds right. It frightens him that he can’t find the word.  It’sContinue reading “2nd Place: ‘Rain Arch’ by Jessica Grene”

3rd Place: ‘The Woman I Wanted To Be’ by Christine Anne Foley

I always imagined I’d be the key rattling, fingers donned with rings, large purse carrying, nail tapping, throwing purse on top of the newspaper, beside the Evian water bottle on the passenger seat, kind of woman. The arm around the headrest, neck turned, earring dangling, lip biting, eyebrows knitting, smile bearing, easy reversing out ofContinue reading “3rd Place: ‘The Woman I Wanted To Be’ by Christine Anne Foley”

Morning Coffee Writing Competition 2021 Winners Announcement

Yes, you heard us right! Join us next Wednesday 13th October at 8pm for a special thanks to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and everyone who submitted and donated towards the Morning Coffee Writing Competition 2021! We will be announcing the three winners of the contest, including speeches from guest judge Kevin Power, the teamContinue reading “Morning Coffee Writing Competition 2021 Winners Announcement”

Happy Publication Day to Issue V!

The time is HERE! Happy publication to our very own Issue V! Get your hands on a copy, celebrating short stories, creative nonfiction, poetry and flash fiction from 25 new artists from Ireland and beyond! What an absolute pleasure this has been to work on. Thanks again to Adam Kluger AKA Dreck for the coverContinue reading “Happy Publication Day to Issue V!”

Listen Now: A Moment With The Arts with Sonder Magazine

Thank you so much to Fearghal Curtis from Let’s Talk About The Arts for inviting us onto his podcast show to celebrate the upcoming launch of Issue V! Let’s Talk About The Arts is a Tall Tales production, where host and artist Fearghal Curtis meets a diverse array of artists working across different mediums. HeContinue reading “Listen Now: A Moment With The Arts with Sonder Magazine”