Set up in May 2019 by Sinéad Creedon and Orla Murphy, we are a Dublin-based print journal, hoping to publish your creative work. We are focused on the idea of sonder, the self, and others.

Thanks for joining us.

If you’re thinking, “huh what’s sonder eh ye arseholes making up words,” it’s that existential feeling you get when you’re walking down the street or sitting in the pub and are overcome by the realization that everyone you pass is just out there doing their own thing, thinking their own thoughts and living their own lives. It’s kinda freaky.

We want this journal to reflect everyday people and how extraordinary each individual is. Sonder doesn’t have to be a solitary feeling, which is why we want to put it all together in this little haven for individuality. We want people to open up this publication and find themselves reflected in other people’s work.

We publish short stories, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction, all based around the individual and how we interact with each other. We want you, the writer, to get into the mind of someone sitting across from you on the Dart home, or the fella who just asked to bum a lighter, or even the Aisling wearing runners to work.

Submission guidelines are in the Submissions tab. Have a gander. Slide into our DM’s. See you on the flipside.

What People Say

Fantastic theme, can’t wait to read!

Aisling Moriarty

Witty and insightful – a great way to pass some time.

Gerry Doyle

A wonderful collection bursting with talent.

Gill Kiely

Meet the Team

Sinéad Creedon is a Cork-born literature fanatic. As a graduate of English Literature, Sinéad began her experience with the book trade as a bookseller, has since worked with books in many different capacities (publicity, editorial, distribution, sales—the list goes on) and now works in marketing in London for an array of various publishing houses. Not only is she a fan of the arts, but an active participator and her works have been published in a variety of print and online journals.

Aisling Kearney is a writer from Cavan. Graduating with a Biomedical Engineering degree, they worked as an engineer before focusing on writing. They have been published in New Irish Writing and long-listed for An Post Short Story of the Year. They attended the 2022/23 Stinging Fly Six-Month Fiction Workshop. They have received the Agility Award and two Emerging Artist awards from Cavan County Council to work on their first novel.

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