Writing Prompt October 2022

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Yes, you’ve earned it. Treat yourself (or is it a trick) to our October writing prompt!

Set your timer, and write for 20 minutes. Don’t think about it, and don’t stop until the buzzer goes! It doesn’t matter if the writing isn’t your best, or if you’re not happy with it. It’s just about getting the creative juices flowing.

Prompt: (Yes, it’s a scary one.) Have a look at the below image. Take a minute to ask yourself: what’s going on? Who’s in the image? Why? Where are they going? Is your character watching from the trees, or are they amongst them? Is your character the leader? How do they feel?

Now set your time. Three, two, one… GO!

Still taken from the film Kill List by Ben Wheatley. It’s scary. Go watch it.

Happy with what you’ve got? Need to brush it up? Or are you planning on putting it in a drawer and never opening it back up again? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Writing is first and foremost for you, so be proud of yourself. This writing prompt is to help you practice writing, shake off the cobwebs, and get going. Fly free, young bat.

If you do want to work on it and send it into the world, have a look at our list of writing opportunities for the month of October. Hurry, the deadlines are terrifyingly soon…

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