Listen Now: A Moment With The Arts with Sonder Magazine

Thank you so much to Fearghal Curtis from Let’s Talk About The Arts for inviting us onto his podcast show to celebrate the upcoming launch of Issue V!

Let’s Talk About The Arts is a Tall Tales production, where host and artist Fearghal Curtis meets a diverse array of artists working across different mediums. He hosts an honest chat about working within the arts, the support that is needed and how this unprecedented year has impacted the sector.

We talk all things Sonder, from what we look for in submissions, to our own personal experiences with the idea of Sonder and the literary community.

Could you make a drinking game out of this episode and down a shot whenever S&O burst out in nervous laughter? It’s Friday – why not!

PS. Beware of the Love Island chats.

Published by sonderlit

New Irish literary magazine reflecting people, our differences and similarities.

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