7 Days of Christmas: Flash Fiction Workshop


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Join Sonder Magazine for 7 days of writing tips, tricks and exercises!

Want to brush up on your flash fiction skills? Hoping to develop your craft or get the writing juices flowing? This is the workshop for you!

Starting on December 1st, each day for 7 days you will get prompts, tips and exercises sent directly to your inbox! We will also share flash fiction pieces we have loved and published throughout our previous issues. Share your work in our private 7 Days of Christmas Facebook Group, get feedback, and meet people in the writing community. By the end of the 7 days, you will have a flash fiction piece ready to submit widely.

All for only €5!

Get into the festive spirit and get creative with us.

8 reviews for 7 Days of Christmas: Flash Fiction Workshop

  1. sonderlit

    I haven’t shared writing this way before and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made to my motivation and morale. And thanks Sonder for putting it all together. It was an inspiring and well-curated experience.
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2020

  2. sonderlit

    Thanks Sonder, Sinéad and Orla, for a great week of prompts, direction and feedback. Really enjoyed the writing and reading everyone’s wonderful work.
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2020

  3. sonderlit

    I really loved this workshop – thanks Sinéad and Orla for all their organisation and work. And thanks to anyone who has commented on anything I’ve posted over the last few days – it’s been great to have some feedback!
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2020

  4. sonderlit

    I’ve absolutely loved this workshop. I’ve learned so much from reading your stories, and your comments, and practicing my writing with brilliant prompts. So glad I did this workshop, I’m walking away from it with lots of ideas to work with. Well done to ye at Sonder – ye have done a marvellous job!!! I’ve learned so much, and most importantly, had fun writing!
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2020

  5. sonderlit

    Thank you Sinéad and Orla for giving us the space to share our stories and ideas! What a great experience it has been!
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2020

  6. sonderlit

    Sinéad and Orla thank you both so so much for running this fantastic workshop. I feel like I have learned so much and it was amazing to get the feeling of being published here in this safe little group. This has been such an enriching experience and I’m grateful to all of you for your kind words.
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2021

  7. sonderlit

    I’ve loved this workshop so much, thank you Sonder Magazine and everyone for your brilliant stories and comments.
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2021

  8. sonderlit

    It’s been a pleasure meeting you all and reading your work! Thanks so much Sonder Lit for the great workshop.
    – Anon, Flash Fiction Workshop 2021

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